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TV Manager 2 major update

December 2, 2011

TV Manager 2 has received a major update to version 1.6. Beside bug fixes it features a german language version of the game.

You can download a patch from:


Smugglers 4 and TV Manager 2 – 50% off with Show Me The Games

November 14, 2011

Show Me The Games – the indie portal – runs a discount for Smugglers 4 and TV Manager 2 where you can get both games (together or individually) for 50% off. Also there are over a dozen indie games participating. There is something for everyone! Best is though that 100% of the sales money goes direct to the developer. Nobody is taking a cut from the sales.

You can find the sales web page here:

Offer is valid for 14 days.

TV Manager 2 update to V. 1.5

May 9, 2011

There is a new update for TV Manager 2 available. It brings the game to version 1.5. It features:

V. 1.5:
– Bug fixed where the max. number of viewers was 50 millions.
– Bug fixed where after the end of the game “USA Normal” highscore list was shown as default

You can download the patch here:

The patch works for all TV Manager 2 versions out there regardless of where you bought it or whether it´s a standard or premium edition.

We are thinking about making an expansion featuring the creation of your own movies in the game. We need more sales of TV Manager 2 though to do this. Please go and buy the game!


Hammer (on behalf of Niels)

TV Manager 2 freeze bug fix?

May 6, 2011

A customer found a fix for the problem where the game froze after starting:

Right-click on the icon of TV Manager 2 (either on your desktop or Start -> Program Files -> TV Manager 2 -> Play TV Manager 2). In the popup menu choose “Properties”. In the next popup choose “Compatibility” from the top menu. Then click the box where it says something along the lines of: “Run in 640×480 pixels mode”. Afterwards click on the same icon (if you click on a different icon, you might have to repeat those settings before) and run the game. The game now switches to the game´s 1024×768 pixels screen resolution and you should be able to play fine.

This might work for people having problems with other games from Niels Bauer Games too.


Hammer (on behalf of Niels)

TV Manager 2 available from Gamersgate, Impulse and BigFishGames

February 11, 2011

TV Manager 2 is now available on Gamersgate, Impulse and BigFishGames. However you would support me even more, if you would by the game directly from my website.


Thank you. 🙂

TV Manager 2 – Final now!

November 5, 2010

I am happy to announce that the beta of TV Manager 2 will end at the 12th November 2010. On this day the final version will be released.

There is no reason to wait though! You can buy and play the final beta NOW and get a download link for the fullversions emailed to you after the release.

To make sure really *everyone* can afford buying this game, I have dropped the price of the STANDARD edition of TV Manager 2 to 9.95$. No excuses anymore! Get it and start playing immediately. Those of you who bought the standard edition at a higher price in the last months (most bought the premium edition anyway), can get a large discount on the expansion and booster pack. Just ask and tell me your order ID (contact(at)

The EXPANSION PACK has been set at 14.95$, BOOSTER PACK at 7.95$ and the PREMIUM edition stays at 29.95$.
Of course the game has no DRM or funny business whatsoever.

Find out more about TV Manager 2 at

TV Manager 2 update to 1.4 (Final beta)

October 2, 2010

Today I have released a major TV Manager 2 update to version 1.4. It fixes all bugs reported until now and even adds new content. The game now has a final beta status, which means that the game can be considered stable and feature complete.

The demo and the fullversion have been updated.

Please buy the game! I need every sale to continue making games!

TV Manager 2 – now available at

You can download the patch here. 

(Please unzip / unpack the file above to the directory where you installed TV Manager 2. Usually something like: c:\Program Files\TV Manager 2)

Change / Fix list for V. 1.4:
– Content update: Many new news spots!
– Game now adjusts your screen resolution to the game screen resolution.
– Bug fixed where series disappeared without full number of episodes broadcasted / or did not
disappear after all episodes have been broadcasted.
– Live events are now correctly placed at 7pm.
– Intensive grammar and spell checking through the movie, ads, news and statistic texts.
– Exploit where you could sell broadcasted series with almost all episodes broadcasted
and still got the halfe price.
– Statistical problem solved where player revenue and expenses were not correctly displayed
– Bug fixed when calculating available news, movies and ads. The articles should now change more correctly from game to game and month to month.
– Bug fixed were on the smaller maps there were some ad contracts with 0 million audience (rounding error).
– The price of the rights to the Northern region on the EU map were $400 million.  It should be $4 billion.
– Bug fixed where in the ads editor (expansion pack) you could not create news ads.
– The description for the movie “4 Weddings Plus A Funeral” was the same as the one for “Forrest Jump”.
– The series “Love Diary” and “Unlucky Luke” had their 2nd seasons labeled as “SE1”.
– Some other movie texts corrected.
– Title didn´t include a & in the movie Rain White & 7 Giants.
– Bug fixed where the tutorial window blocked the “really end turn” popup.
– Bug fixed where the tutorial window was blocked.
– Some movie setting bugs fixed.
– Bug where an ad was not correctly displayed during broadcasting
– Bug where the game over screen always showed “USA fast” scenario
– Various other small bugs fixed.
– REMEMBER: The game editors do not modify the original game and game files. To make the modifications appear in the game, you have to run a custom game!

Bytten reviews TV Manager 2

June 11, 2010

Steven Blanch from reviewed TV Manager 2 (82 %).

“TVM2 is a playable, enjoyable and addictive simulation. The range of strategy available and the extent to which you can customise your game is especially interesting to me. It has some fairly good replay value thanks to the wide range of maps and scenarios as well as the trend for two games not to pan out in the exact same way, although personal trends seem to permeate through to all my networks over time even if I make a concious decision to try something new.”

He mentioned a couple of bugs, which I am going to fix immidiately. Luckily it´s still a beta!

Windowed mode for Smugglers, TV manager, etc.

May 23, 2010

From the old forum:

“Right click on the shortcut on your desktop. Select “properties” Select “Shortcut” tab. Then beside “Run:” pull the dropbox down and change it from “Normal Window” to “Minimized.” When you start the game it will start minimized and be on your taskbar-just click on it and the game is now “windowed.” Just a small little black box will be on your desktop where the black background used to be, but you can now move the window around. ”

Enjoy! 🙂

TV Manager 2 – Update 1.2.3

May 13, 2010

I have updated TV Manager 2 to beta version 1.2.3. It now includes:

– Tutorial window placed outside of the main window
– On the TV program table management screen: If you double-click on an advertisement in the archive AND press Shift or Ctrl or Alt at the same time, all empty slots in the program table will be filled automatically with this advertisement.

Any other hotkeys required / asked for? Other suggestions?

The demo and the fullversion have been updated.

TV Manager 2 – now available at

You can download the patch here:

(Please unzip / unpack the file above to the directory where you installed TV Manager 2. Usually something like: c:\Program Files\TV Manager 2)