Smugglers 4 and Empires & Dungeons news!

**** Smugglers included in the “ShowMeTheGames” bundle!

There is an indie game bundle called “ShowMeTheGames”, which features the games Gratuitous Space Battles, Castle Vox, Evochron, Fate of The World and Smugglers IV for just $ 28.50 (you save terrific $81.33!). The offer ends on 12th June 2011, at midnight.

Check it out:

What´s included?

Gratuitous Space Battles:

A space strategy game, where you design spaceships and put together big space fleets. Then lean back and watch a gigantic space battle unfold!

Castle Vox:

From the developers of Lux. It’s influenced by games like Risk. It’s a conquer the world strategy game, and great fun.

Evochron: Mercenary:

A space-trading game reminding me of Elite.

Fate Of The World:

This is a climate-change game. Save the world or (alternatively and easier) buy this game instead.

Smugglers IV

Be a trader, a mercenary or a pirate in this highly addictive space trading game. In this open-ended game you can even board enemy ships and conquer star systems.

You can watch a trailer of all games at:

**** Want to save even more (like $ 166,13)? Read this…

I am even going to TOP this OFF with a SUPER OFFER: If you buy the “ShowMeTheGames” bundle AND another game from my website (it really does not matter which one), you get ALL my games currently available on my website for FREE. To claim this offer just email me with your “ShowMeTheGames” bundle order ID and the order ID of the game from my website.

All together you could save up to $ 166,13!!!

But remember: The offer ends on 12th June 2011, at midnight.

**** Empires & Dungeons news!

I have updated Empires & Dungeons to version 1.1c. There still was some speed bug slowing the game in 1.1b. This has been fixed now and it should run as smoothly as the prequel.


2 Responses to “Smugglers 4 and Empires & Dungeons news!”

  1. Gratuitous Space Battles, Castle Vox, Evochron: Mercenary, Fate Of The World & Smugglers IV, PC – £22.55 » SavyGamer Says:

    […] and any other game by Niels Bauer, he’ll give you the rest of his games for free. Details here. Cheers Rob for the tip off. […]

  2. David Says:

    Thanks for the tip even if I missed it. All in all I think your games are far better then what they were giving away.

    Question as I have asked this before but do you know when you will be making Smugglers 5? Hope you got the player review I made for Smugglers 4.

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