TV Manager 2 update to V. 1.5

There is a new update for TV Manager 2 available. It brings the game to version 1.5. It features:

V. 1.5:
– Bug fixed where the max. number of viewers was 50 millions.
– Bug fixed where after the end of the game “USA Normal” highscore list was shown as default

You can download the patch here:

The patch works for all TV Manager 2 versions out there regardless of where you bought it or whether it´s a standard or premium edition.

We are thinking about making an expansion featuring the creation of your own movies in the game. We need more sales of TV Manager 2 though to do this. Please go and buy the game!


Hammer (on behalf of Niels)


One Response to “TV Manager 2 update to V. 1.5”

  1. Manue101 Says:

    I! I just cannot download the patch for the version 1.5 by this link…can you please help me.


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