Empires & Dungeons 2: The Sultanate – released!

Today I have released “Empires & Dungeons 2: The Sultanate”!! The game offers an exciting new desert scenario with new artwork and new challenges. Mind you it is not a complete new game, but improves the original game idea just at the right spots. Do not expect something radically new, but instead a proven and fun game engine in a new setting.

Get more info & the newest demoversion here: 


Buy the game for just 14.95$ here:


And remember: If you want to play Empires & Dungeons 2 in a cool ice scenario, please immediately order Empires & Dungeons 2: Ice Queen right away, here:




7 Responses to “Empires & Dungeons 2: The Sultanate – released!”

  1. Mike Says:

    I just played the first map and I am already hooked! Great work! I will be playing this game for a long time!

  2. Shellfish Says:

    It´s fun!

  3. dark Says:

    congrats on getting the game out and finished. how’s the accessibility features going? if they are at least partially implemented, i’d be very interested to try it, not to mention preordering the ice map, (I’ve been really! looking forward to playing E&D ever sinse I first tried S3).

    Also, if the screen reader access is included, I can write some news on audiogames.net and the audeasy mailing list too to let people know it’s available.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Sorry dark, nothing implemented yet. I am waiting how the game is received. I am not going to produce the “Ice Queen” scenario without the blind compatibility mode though.

      Like I wrote on the website:
      If you want to support the development of the blind compatibility mode, please go ahead and purchase the game and the pre-order for Empires & Dungeons 2: Ice Queen. Afterwards just send an email to contact@nielsbauergames.com telling me that you would like me to make the blind compatibility mode. In case the interest is not high enough to justify the production, I am going to refund your order.

  4. dark Says:

    alright, i’ll let people know.

    I’m uncertain as to the response just because I’m not sure if people will wish to essentially buy an inaccessible game on a promise, but we’ll see.

    It might be that there are those who would! buy the game were the access mode implemented, but would be less certain of making the preorder, though even in that case I will mention that interested parties should let you know.

  5. Irina Says:

    Playing the game in a desert setting is a stunning experience! Great work!

  6. dark Says:

    I’ve written some news on http://www.audiogames.net and have also payed for my copy of the game pluss a preorder.

    Very much hope to be playing it soon, —- I’ve fancied this one ever sinse I first saw it available having tried smugglers 3.

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