Empires & Dungeons 2: Item system (revised)

The game is currently being tested and it appears my item ideas didn´t work out. You can forget everything I wrote in the previous post. Right now this are the differences to the Empires & Dungeons 1 item system:

  • You can carry more than one weapon.
  • There are no primary and secondary weapons anymore. There is a new attribute called “Slash/Smash weapons” and “Thrust/Shoot” (literally “Pierce”) weapons. To use one of the three combat attacks (Thrust [meaning “shooting” when having a bow], Slash, Smash) you should use the corresponding weapons for best effect. It doesn´t make sense to smash with a dagger or thrust with a club?
  • You have to “equip” a weapon to use it and you can only “equip” one weapon at a time. You can change the weapon you use during combat.
  • Some monsters are invulnerable to certain kinds of attack. For example you shouldn´t try to stab a skeleton.
  • You can carry more than one magic ring and ALL of them will effect your ratings (despite what I wrote in the earlier post)
  • The game still measures the items strengths in “lesser”, “greater” etc., but there is a number rating displayed showing it´s total strength. Like “lesser” [3].
  • You cannot sell items from your backpack. I want you to make the decision at the moment you find the treasure whether to use or sell an item.
  • No weapon breaking.

6 Responses to “Empires & Dungeons 2: Item system (revised)”

  1. dark Says:

    Just out of interest, will combat pause if you bring up the inventory to change weapons? I love the idea of needing to carry a variety of weapons for different creatures, but having to scour through a long list of stuff and pick one while a monster is stil attacking you could be rather hechtic.

  2. Niels Bauer Says:

    In Empires & Dungeons 2 you have 4 items in your backpack, so there´s not much browsing to do.

  3. dark Says:

    Ah, in that case, maybe hotkeys could be used here too as a way of making life easier, eg, numbers 1-4, or perhaps F1-F4.

    I do really like the idea of combats going whaaaa! it’s a dragon! quick I need my mighty lance to pierce it’s scales etc a great way of keeping the player on their toes.

  4. Gerald Coleman Says:

    I still don’t understand that ‘lesser, greater’ thing!!!! And how in the world do you fortify your border city in the demo? Ready to buy but need those two questions resolved.

  5. Gerald Coleman Says:

    IN the demo the hero level cap is 8. Is this also true of the full version? Is this the right place to ask these questions? If not, then where?

  6. Gerald Coleman Says:

    Ignore the above. Just found the manual. Understand the “lesser , greater’ idea. Border city cannot be upgraded or fortified even though player is told to do just that before game begins. Level cap is only 8. Thanks anyway, but not interested. Maybe later.

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