Empires & Dungeons 2: Item system

I have decided to change the way items are handled in Empires & Dungeons 2. There have been many questions about how primary and secondary weapons work and whether a level 2 weapon with “greater” weapon damage is more powerful than a level 3 weapon with “lesser” weapon damage. I think all of this has been more confusing than it was worth. So…

  • In E&D 2 you can carry more than one weapon, but the game will automatically use only the most powerful one.
  • Same applies to magic rings = Only the most powerful in your inventory can be worn.
  • The game will display the strength of an item in numbers and not “greater”, “lesser”, etc.
  • You can sell items from your inventory. This way you can influence if you want to have the game use a different weapon / ring from your inventory (just sell the other ones). Or you can make cash faster.
  • My idea of weapon breaking in combat is dropped. It wouldn´t be fun if your new super sword would break, would it? 🙂

21 Responses to “Empires & Dungeons 2: Item system”

  1. dark Says:

    Hmmm, I must admit while I agree on not breaking super swords, it’d add a dimention to combat if weapons could! be broken even if rarely, perhaps by a spell or ability, sinse then that would give insentive for you to carry more gear around with you, rather than selling the lot and only keeping the most damaging.

    Btw, showing strength in numbers also sounds like a good idea from an access perspective too.

    many people are looking forward to this one, me most deffinately included.

  2. lirin Says:

    Well, great, i like your games, hope so new empires and dungeons will be with accessibility elemnets for the blind as in smugglers and TV manager.

    Waiting to get the game. Definitely i’ll buy it. Love support ambitious developers and their works.

  3. Niels Bauer Says:

    Hmmm. Any other opinions about “breaking” weapons? Should it be included or not?

  4. Niklas Says:

    Maybe you could include it as optional, so, you can add it if you want. Or include it into higher Difficulty levels. I am hoping for a compatibility mode for the blind, too.

  5. dan Says:

    Concern, though, that if you are at the top of your level (and so are your adversaries) that a break of a top-level weapon would essentially put your character down to level 1. Insta-death in any dungeons.

  6. Jason Hartgrave Says:

    Is adding breakable weapons going to make the game any more fun? I don’t so.

    One reason to introduce some sort of “decay” game mechanic is to mitigate damage usually do to poor initial game planning or design. In other words, balance after an inherent ability is deemed too powerful and negatively affects other players or elements of the game as in the case of MMORPGs.

    Example: The uber sword is too powerful! We need a nerf. Okay it breaks after XYZ uses, and the peasants rejoice.

    The other reason to introduce “breakable” equipment is to start a player driven or constant grind economy. This is really only valid if there is sufficient crafting mechanics or classes in the game that makes this fun. Like a blacksmith or a “merchant” play style.

    Example: At last I have found the uber sword. Now what? Oh wait it now breaks. I must go forge,hunt, or craft for another, that’s what.

    In the case of your game I can’t see it doing enough good to be included.

  7. lirin Says:

    Well, for magic – special weapons zou can make non breakable weapons, the rest for me can be breakable. Waiting for it, as zou Dark, and hope so it will be accessible for us.

  8. FireLynx Says:

    how about that they degrade over time and you can use the blacksmith to bring them back to 100% health by spending gold on them?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I beg you for your sake and mine (because I like your games), bring back the forums. This blog format sucks and will never build a community.

    Yes, I know, spam sucks, but there are spam-killing programs. It’s not like blogs are inherently better at withstanding spam.

    I hereby wow to buy Empire & Dungeons 2 if you do.

  10. dark Says:

    I’m afraid I must agree with the last poster, i do rather miss the forum. Afterall, it’s rather hard to share stratogy tips, ask newby questions or just generally chat on a blog comment list.

    As to weapon breaking, I actually think Firelynx’ blacksmith suggestion is a good one.

    You may even have this as part of the stratogy element, by havng a blacksmith in your castle whome you must upgrade and pay to maintain your weapons when they break, —- or risk having to go to a commercial smith and paying a much higher price.

    if your super weapon got busted, you could indeed get it back, —- though at a cost, but the possibility it could be broken in the first place would encourage you to think strategically about what weapons you carried around with you, —- perhaps keeping a replacement for your supersword in case it had an accident mid dungeon for instance.

    This would also encourage you to rely on special attacks and none weapon ways of winning, to insure you had a back up plan.

    Depending upon how far you wanted to take this you could even include curses, corrosive attacks such as acid spitting monsters, or some special attacks like guard breaks which specifically have the purpose of damaging or breaking an opponent’s weapon.

  11. Casey Says:

    Do you know if your games are accessible to screen reading technologies? They sound great, but I don’t want to buy, if the accessibility isn’t there.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  12. Alan Stacey Says:

    I don’t like the idea of breakable weapons.
    It seems too nitt-pickey for my liking.
    I enjoy the strategy and the rush through the dungeons in E&D.
    Even with a castle blacksmith, having to rush back to save a critical, long loved weapon, would detract from the strategy element.
    A bad encounter cracking your sword would be devastating.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

  13. Azada Says:

    While i agree with the blacksmith idea, i also want to suggest on making some of the ‘rarer’ items unbreakable.maybe you could add a magic/blacksmith/hand to hand training academy as a non theme object in the maps??(any one academy would do).also i think it would be cool if the dungeons were also themed for special monsters,you know,some having only animals,some only magicians,u get the drift 😉

  14. dark Says:

    Hmmm, well not having played the first game I can’t comment on that aspect of things, though as I said, I could see weapon breaking making for more strategic battles generally.

    As for the games Casy, smugglers 3 smugglers 4 and Tv manager 2 are all screen reader accessible, pluss they all have demos you can try out too.

    You will need to use your Virtual focus, jaws curser or window eyes curser to read text, and to enable blind compatibility mode in S4 and Tv manager, but with that proviso they should work fine (particularly with hal).

    You can here a slightly whacky demo of smugglers 3 I recorded on it’s page on http://www.audiogames.net, hopefully I should be doing a smugglers 4 one soon.

    I hope this answers your question.

  15. Jason Hartgrave Says:

    We could all beta test for you and tell you what we think when see the mechanic in action.

  16. Niels Bauer Says:

    Thanks a lot for the comments. I’ll think about it when making my final decision. After all the plan is to improve the game based on the general game idea.

  17. Shirley James Says:

    Sorry for the delay about your question about the weapons. I’m glad you chose not to break the weapons. I would not like my weapon breaking when I’m struggling to defeat a Boss Dragon, I think that would be discouraging.

    There are a few things I would like to see in an upcoming version (just a wish list). I realize these things are easier said than done.

    1. The ability to minimize the game.
    2. Volume control.
    3. Login different player options.
    4. A better explanation of the different rings and their powers, still have not figured out what if any value of the Ring of Life has.
    5. When you slay another King and have the option to keep weapon or money you get the money when you choose it. I think this happens in one themes also but can’t remember which one right now. I’ll check it out.

  18. Shirley James Says:

    The other item is to fix ‘The Arena’. When you win you can sell your weapon and get money for that sale but You Do NOT receive the money for the win.

    Elephants, I’m not sure I’m going to like loosing the power of the archers, we’ll see.


    Correction to my previous post ‘You Do NOT receive Money when you chose the option for slaying a King and winning their kingdom.

  19. Steve Says:

    You should have weapon breaking in the game, but not to make the weapon totally unusable.
    Any time the weapon gets damaged it could -1 from the strength of the weapon. The character could carry around an item to repair the weapon such as a whetstone, or visit a blacksmith as said before. This way weapon damage could be introduced if the wrong sort of attack was used for the wrong weapon (stab on a skeleton) some sort of stone enemy or as a spell from an enemy. The character would have to take/find/make these stones before any long journey. Any character forgetting to do so could find the enemy takes a whole lot longer to defeat with a blunt sword =)


  20. Shirley James Says:

    Don’t make it so confusing that some us us simple minded folks can’t grasp what’s going on. I would be so ….. if I lost my entire army too many times because my bow and arrow broke. Are you going to try this game out with some of us before you launch it.

  21. Niels Bauer Says:

    Please read https://nielsbauergames.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/empires-dungeons-2-item-system-revised/

    for updated info about the item system. I don´t include breakable weapons. While Steve is right that it would add an additional twist to the game, there are too many voices against it.

    @Shirley James: Don´t worry. Empires & Dungeons 2 is an improved Empires & Dungeons 1 and not a new, ultra-complex game. If you liked the prequel, you will like this one.

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