Just got defeated….

…three times in a row by the computer AI in Empires & Dungeons 2. Kind of strange if your own game is better than you. 🙂


4 Responses to “Just got defeated….”

  1. FireLynx Says:

    ahh so you have finaly made a adeptive AI that uses your old records to counter the most predicteble patern that you will follow

  2. Dark Says:

    Ah, well at least people won’t be able to complain the Ai is too easy.

    Actually, this is quie a point sinse there are a lot of textual or brouser based rpgs which only create harder computer opponents by ramping up their stats higher and higher, so it’s nice to think of one that actually plays strategically for a change.

    I look forward to having a crack at it myself.

  3. FireLynx Says:

    true though it would be freaking awesome if there was a way to create an AI that takes your previous games into consideration on how to attack you, since this would force you to have multiple tactics and will also give you a good practice versus human players ( though i don´t know if there will be a multi-player for this, would be fun though :P)

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