TV Manager 2 – Final now!

I am happy to announce that the beta of TV Manager 2 will end at the 12th November 2010. On this day the final version will be released.

There is no reason to wait though! You can buy and play the final beta NOW and get a download link for the fullversions emailed to you after the release.

To make sure really *everyone* can afford buying this game, I have dropped the price of the STANDARD edition of TV Manager 2 to 9.95$. No excuses anymore! Get it and start playing immediately. Those of you who bought the standard edition at a higher price in the last months (most bought the premium edition anyway), can get a large discount on the expansion and booster pack. Just ask and tell me your order ID (contact(at)

The EXPANSION PACK has been set at 14.95$, BOOSTER PACK at 7.95$ and the PREMIUM edition stays at 29.95$.
Of course the game has no DRM or funny business whatsoever.

Find out more about TV Manager 2 at


13 Responses to “TV Manager 2 – Final now!”

  1. jwc Says:

    Hi, I wanted to try the demo version but got this error:

    Exception EReadError in module TVManager2.exe at 00018F5B
    Error reading Memo1.Lines.Strings: RichEdit line insertion error.

    The game does not load and crashes with that error. I’m using Windows 7 (64-bit) by the way. Any help will be appreciated. Can’t wait to try your new game!

  2. FireLynx Says:

    well here i am again, long time i hadn’t have the time to try and see if the new patched version would work on my PC, but seems like this one also won’t let me play it ( once i try t start a new game i can’t press ok on the first pop up, after i deactivated the tutorial popup)

  3. Steffen Says:

    Was really looking forward to try this game but when i press new game the game freezes. Is there a fix for this, the same on the full game or just the demo?

  4. Niels Bauer Says:

    It´s the same bug mentioned above. If it happens in the demo, it happens in the fullversion.

    I believe it has to do with a specific Windows setting on your machine or a third-party software running in the background (because it works fine on any standard Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32- and 64-bit systems). If someone finds out or lives in southern Germany – PLEASE EMAIL ME OR POST.

  5. Scott Smart Says:

    Have a bug to report. For some reason, I am stuck with 6 million kid, teen, and men, 10 million women, and 2 million elders. I have 4 territories with over 20% interest on all 5. Haven’t seen any jump from when I went to 2 territories (base and New England) to 3 then 4 (south central and the one with Florida). Surely this has to be a bug as gaining that many potential viewers has to jump viewership. I mean I showed the exact same series (different seasons but same shows) over the 3 gains, and I had the exact same viewership numbers.

    After hitting the 4th territory, I can’t find ads that fit, due to the viewership reqs. going up, except maybe one which is killing me. I love the game, but this is broken.

    P.S. Playing USA Expert level.

  6. Scott Slayton Says:

    Can you create your own show using the booster pack? There isn’t a list of what you can do with it. Making my own show would really be nice.

    • Niels Bauer Says:


      no, that´s not included in the booster pack. If many people buy the game and expansions I am possibly adding the ability to create own movies & shows in the future.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      The booster pack basically gives you a couple of “booster cards” to modify the game play. For example you can modify the game to make it possible to have a genre specific channel etc. It´s a kind of cheat, that does not spoil the game experience, but modifies it.

      Try it, all games and packages from my site have a 14-day money back guarantee!

  7. Scott Slayton Says:

    Apparently I can make shows using an editor from the Expansion Pack as the description says that it comes with “Movie, ad and news editors to create your own content”. This may not be the same as producing them, but it is a good enough start for me.

    I’ll buy my copy from as I have an account there already.

  8. Niels Bauer Says:

    I am going to make a special post about this soon. A customer found a fix for the problem where the game froze after starting:

    Right-click on the icon of TV Manager 2 (either on your desktop or Start -> Program Files -> TV Manager 2 -> Play TV Manager 2). In the popup menu choose “Properties”. In the next popup choose “Compatibility” from the top menu. Then click the box where it says something along the lines of: “Run in 640×480 pixels mode”. Afterwards click on the same icon (if you click on a different icon, you might have to repeat those settings before) and run the game. It is now not run in 640×480, but automatically switched to a higher resolution and should work fine.

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