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Just got defeated….

November 28, 2010

…three times in a row by the computer AI in Empires & Dungeons 2. Kind of strange if your own game is better than you. 🙂


TV Manager 2 – Final now!

November 5, 2010

I am happy to announce that the beta of TV Manager 2 will end at the 12th November 2010. On this day the final version will be released.

There is no reason to wait though! You can buy and play the final beta NOW and get a download link for the fullversions emailed to you after the release.

To make sure really *everyone* can afford buying this game, I have dropped the price of the STANDARD edition of TV Manager 2 to 9.95$. No excuses anymore! Get it and start playing immediately. Those of you who bought the standard edition at a higher price in the last months (most bought the premium edition anyway), can get a large discount on the expansion and booster pack. Just ask and tell me your order ID (contact(at)

The EXPANSION PACK has been set at 14.95$, BOOSTER PACK at 7.95$ and the PREMIUM edition stays at 29.95$.
Of course the game has no DRM or funny business whatsoever.

Find out more about TV Manager 2 at