TV Manager 2 update to 1.4 (Final beta)

Today I have released a major TV Manager 2 update to version 1.4. It fixes all bugs reported until now and even adds new content. The game now has a final beta status, which means that the game can be considered stable and feature complete.

The demo and the fullversion have been updated.

Please buy the game! I need every sale to continue making games!

TV Manager 2 – now available at

You can download the patch here. 

(Please unzip / unpack the file above to the directory where you installed TV Manager 2. Usually something like: c:\Program Files\TV Manager 2)

Change / Fix list for V. 1.4:
– Content update: Many new news spots!
– Game now adjusts your screen resolution to the game screen resolution.
– Bug fixed where series disappeared without full number of episodes broadcasted / or did not
disappear after all episodes have been broadcasted.
– Live events are now correctly placed at 7pm.
– Intensive grammar and spell checking through the movie, ads, news and statistic texts.
– Exploit where you could sell broadcasted series with almost all episodes broadcasted
and still got the halfe price.
– Statistical problem solved where player revenue and expenses were not correctly displayed
– Bug fixed when calculating available news, movies and ads. The articles should now change more correctly from game to game and month to month.
– Bug fixed were on the smaller maps there were some ad contracts with 0 million audience (rounding error).
– The price of the rights to the Northern region on the EU map were $400 million.  It should be $4 billion.
– Bug fixed where in the ads editor (expansion pack) you could not create news ads.
– The description for the movie “4 Weddings Plus A Funeral” was the same as the one for “Forrest Jump”.
– The series “Love Diary” and “Unlucky Luke” had their 2nd seasons labeled as “SE1”.
– Some other movie texts corrected.
– Title didn´t include a & in the movie Rain White & 7 Giants.
– Bug fixed where the tutorial window blocked the “really end turn” popup.
– Bug fixed where the tutorial window was blocked.
– Some movie setting bugs fixed.
– Bug where an ad was not correctly displayed during broadcasting
– Bug where the game over screen always showed “USA fast” scenario
– Various other small bugs fixed.
– REMEMBER: The game editors do not modify the original game and game files. To make the modifications appear in the game, you have to run a custom game!


31 Responses to “TV Manager 2 update to 1.4 (Final beta)”

  1. FireLynx Says:

    i just tried the demo but i keep getting this error: Cannot make a visible
    window modal

    how can i fix this?

  2. Niels Bauer Says:

    Hi FireLynx,

    this error message appears when the game tries to focus on a window, which is already focused. It should not happen of course. Still to find out what the problem is I would need more information. Where and when did the error occur? What did you do right before this happened? Which screen was on the front of the screen?

  3. Hohen Says:

    Have the same problem as above. I’ve just run the game and when I press ‘start a new game’ just got that error. Can’t do anything.

  4. Niels Bauer Says:

    Alright, I’ll look into this.

  5. Niels Bauer Says:

    I have uploaded a new test version specific to avoid such a problem. Could you please download the new demo and try it out?

    If it doesn´t yet work, I would ask you to send me the following information:
    1. What operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7 ?) do you use?
    2. You turned off the tutorial before trying it out?

    Furthermore it would be much appreciated if you could make a screenshot video of playing the game and send it to This could really help to find the issue. You download a free “video recorder” here:

    • Manel Says:

      I tried the new demo. I do not get the error message any longer, although I cannot get past the initial screen, after clicking on “Start new game” saying “This is just the demoversion of TV Manager 2…” (Continue button is unavailable).

  6. FireLynx Says:

    sorry for the late resonse, with the first version i tried i got this message ( click link to view):

    and with the demo test.exe. i got this :

  7. Niels Bauer Says:

    Ok, and both of you cannot get past this demoversion window because the “Continue” button is not working? Could you try to turn off the tutorial before pressing “Start a new game” and tell me what happens? Thank you!

  8. Niels Bauer Says:

    Now I uploaded a new version:

    Please make sure you install it to a different path than the previous install, like c:\program files\tvmanager2test2\

    • Hohen Says:

      Same here as Manel and FireLynx. Even with the latest demo test.

      I’m using Windows 7 x64. Installed on “Program Files (x86)”. Different dirs inside.

  9. Niels Bauer Says:

    Well, this brings up the question: Do my other games work for you?

  10. FireLynx Says:

    i wil ltry some but it could be a windows 7 problem, cause i had it on both my pc as laptop ( running on windows 7)

  11. FireLynx Says:

    yup jsut tried smugglers 3 demo and that works fine, hmmz i wonder if i still got that game on my older laptop 😛

  12. Manel Says:

    Using Windows XP SP3 here. I played in the past Smugglers 3 + addin with no problem.

    I also tried, but still getting the issue with the Continue button.

  13. Niels Bauer Says:

    Thanks a lot for working with me on that. I want to fix this grrrrrr.

    Here a new test version:

    1. Changed something with the tutorial (just in case that it´s that causing the problem)
    2. Added a little extra test button on the popup message to see if the problem is the original button. Pressing this test button should close the popup message.

    Does it help? Please again make a screenshot.

  14. FireLynx Says:

    nope didnt work, for some reason i couldent even make a scrrenshot of it 😛 couldent pess eigther the normal button or the test button

  15. Niels Bauer Says:

    Ok, here we go.

  16. FireLynx Says:

    still can’t press the button’s 😥 so i doubt it was the Tutorial’s fault

  17. Niels Bauer Says:

    Ok, now I got two trys left. After that I have to make some radical changes to further test it out.

    (Please first test 6, then 4).

  18. FireLynx Says:

    YAY test4 letted me play it 😀 shall i also do test 6 now? 😛

  19. FireLynx Says:

    btw test 6 didnt work -.-

  20. FireLynx Says:

    -.- don’t realy think tvmanager2 likes me, got past the begin screen but now i can buy/punrches new movies and advertieses or place the one you get in the beginning into the day programming

  21. Niels Bauer Says:

    Yeah, it appears to be a general incompatibility. Tomorrow I try something else and upload a new test version.

  22. Niels Bauer Says:

    Alright I´ve digged deeper into the program code. I cannot find any error. It´s not depending on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and neither on 32-Bit or 64-Bit. There are users reporting it to be running fine on Windows 7 64-Bit. I am afraid, but I won´t be able to help on this one. That is if someone of you doesn´t want to sent in your PC to me or is living in southern Germany.

    I believe it might either be a third-party program running in the background of your PC or a Windows setting that doesn´t work with the game. I know it´s a bit much asked for, but I believe that a fresh installation of Windows with the standard settings might solve the problem.

    I continue to prepare the final build of the game now.

  23. FireLynx Says:

    hmmz if only i had my carlicense already cause then i could have driven to you to see what the problem seems to be on my pc xD ( live in the netherlands so would only a few hours driving)

  24. blatko Says:

    advertisments disappear after first day so i can’t earn any money :S

  25. Niels Bauer Says:

    I am going to make a special post about this soon. A customer found a fix for the problem where the game froze after starting:

    Right-click on the icon of TV Manager 2 (either on your desktop or Start -> Program Files -> TV Manager 2 -> Play TV Manager 2). In the popup menu choose “Properties”. In the next popup choose “Compatibility” from the top menu. Then click the box where it says something along the lines of: “Run in 640×480 pixels mode”. Afterwards click on the same icon (if you click on a different icon, you might have to repeat those settings before) and run the game. The game will now automatically switch to 1024×768 pixels and should work fine.

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