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TV Manager 2 update to 1.4 (Final beta)

October 2, 2010

Today I have released a major TV Manager 2 update to version 1.4. It fixes all bugs reported until now and even adds new content. The game now has a final beta status, which means that the game can be considered stable and feature complete.

The demo and the fullversion have been updated.

Please buy the game! I need every sale to continue making games!

TV Manager 2 – now available at

You can download the patch here. 

(Please unzip / unpack the file above to the directory where you installed TV Manager 2. Usually something like: c:\Program Files\TV Manager 2)

Change / Fix list for V. 1.4:
– Content update: Many new news spots!
– Game now adjusts your screen resolution to the game screen resolution.
– Bug fixed where series disappeared without full number of episodes broadcasted / or did not
disappear after all episodes have been broadcasted.
– Live events are now correctly placed at 7pm.
– Intensive grammar and spell checking through the movie, ads, news and statistic texts.
– Exploit where you could sell broadcasted series with almost all episodes broadcasted
and still got the halfe price.
– Statistical problem solved where player revenue and expenses were not correctly displayed
– Bug fixed when calculating available news, movies and ads. The articles should now change more correctly from game to game and month to month.
– Bug fixed were on the smaller maps there were some ad contracts with 0 million audience (rounding error).
– The price of the rights to the Northern region on the EU map were $400 million.  It should be $4 billion.
– Bug fixed where in the ads editor (expansion pack) you could not create news ads.
– The description for the movie “4 Weddings Plus A Funeral” was the same as the one for “Forrest Jump”.
– The series “Love Diary” and “Unlucky Luke” had their 2nd seasons labeled as “SE1”.
– Some other movie texts corrected.
– Title didn´t include a & in the movie Rain White & 7 Giants.
– Bug fixed where the tutorial window blocked the “really end turn” popup.
– Bug fixed where the tutorial window was blocked.
– Some movie setting bugs fixed.
– Bug where an ad was not correctly displayed during broadcasting
– Bug where the game over screen always showed “USA fast” scenario
– Various other small bugs fixed.
– REMEMBER: The game editors do not modify the original game and game files. To make the modifications appear in the game, you have to run a custom game!