Empires & Dungeons 2 – In Development

I am working on a sequel / stand-alone add-on for the game Empires & Dungeons 2.

What it is going to offer (features):

  • New desert/oriental strategy map setting
  • A bigger strategy map (12×11 fields)
  • 12 completely new maps (of which 5 will have new scenarios and about 6 the new desert setting).
  • All maps created new from scratch
  • New medieval/oriental units
  • New music & sound effects
  • Some new artwork required for the new setting
  • Some more general polishment & tweaks

What it is NOT going to be:

  • It´s NOT a completely new game
  • It´s NOT a complete interface change like from Smugglers 3 to Smugglers 4 or TV Manager 1 to TV Manager 2.
  • The underlying game mechanics have NOT changed, but at some points tweaked
  • It´s NOT offering a completely changed setting of monsters or items
  • (and thus…) it´s NOT going to be priced very high, but is supposed to be a very reasonable priced sequel / stand-alone expansion.

Development status:

I did already most of the work required. What´s left is to create some more maps, put everything nicely together and test it throughly. It will most definately be out before Christmas!

And here is the first screenshot:


14 Responses to “Empires & Dungeons 2 – In Development”

  1. dan Says:

    Sounds good! Thanks for putting in what it won’t be as well as what it will be.

    Any chance that you can implement a few hot keys, especially those that would replace a click of the mouse? There’s tons of clicking in this game and it starts to hurt after a bit.

    For example, when you gain a resource on the map it brings up a dialog box with an explanation. I’d recommend either a) allowing a hotkey, like return or space to dismiss the dialog, or b) putting a checkbox option that allows me to signal never to display this again.

    Looking forward to this new release!

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Yes, no problem! Please make list of the actions for which you would like hotkeys.

    • dan Says:


      Dismissal of dialog boxes. These are the dialogs you get when you collect a resource in the main map, when you click on a square in the dungeon, when you buy an upgrade in the buildings area, and so on. They are generally a message or confirmation that something occurred. If they could be dismissed in one or more of the following ways:

      – Spacebar
      – Return
      – Escape
      – Small option that says “Don’t show this message anymore”

      In combat you have to click a fair amount. That makes sense given the intent of that part of the game. A set of hotkeys could be helpful:

      – Small attack maps to “1”
      – Medium attack maps to “2”
      – Large attack maps to “3”

      Or other mappings that could be user-set.

      Mainly for me I’m looking for a quick way of dismissing all of these dialog boxes that relate the result of an action that is obvious after the first or second time you do it.


  2. Karl Kessler Says:

    Very Exciting! I really enjoyed Empires & Dungeons 1, and am looking forward to the “expansion”. If I recall, the one thing that bugged me was having to make lots of mouse moves during combat. Do you have any plans to let us use the keyboard, or make some other optimization so it’s a little easier on the wrist? That would be great!! Anyways, looking forward to it.

  3. Niels Bauer Says:

    By the way: Would you like something like this:

    There is a kind of progress bar that shows the power you put in the next hit. For especially dangerous enemies you can increase this bar by clicking on it like a madman. So you would have some kind of “personal” influence on the combat. Of course this might again hurt your wrist in the long run. Sure I could also include a hotkey for that.

  4. dark Says:


    This sounds good. I was just wondering if there was any chance of implementing blind compatibility mode in this new version, sinse a lot of visually impared people have been inerested in playing E&d ever sinse S3 was found so compatible.

    Actually, the above suggestions of hotkeys in combat would also be a great access aid for a real time experience, sinse obviously reading the screen with a screen reader and clicking on screen objects is more time consuming. all that would be needed would be the insertion of sound kews for combat events, —– for instance an escalating pitch instead of a visual progress bar and some hit and miss sounds and things would be fine.

    Single player rpg/stratogy games are very much in demand by the Vi community, so I hope you’ll considder this as a suggestion for the upgrade.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Hi Dark,

      like you said it would require some additional attention to create such a compatibility mode due to the real-time character of the game. I am thinking about offering a pre-order possibility for players wishing to get the blind compatibility mode to get some funding for this work.

  5. darke Says:

    Well pre-ordering might be an idea, especially considdering the fact that advertizements could be made in appropriate places.

    My only concern would be that people might prefer to play the game first before pre-ordering, —- so maybe a petition to gage interest might also be an idea. While I understand Tv manager 2 wasn’t as popular in the Vi community as it could’ve been,I can attest to the fact that role playing and stratogy games do extremely well, —- for instance, entombed, the first ever completely audio rpg, has sold thus far roughly 600 copies and has a very lively mailing list (of which I’m a moderator).

    As I said above however, in including hotkeys rather than on screen mouse buttons you are already considdering half of what would be required for a real time combat situation anyway.

    If I understand the game manual correctly, only three sound clues would be required, a hit/miss sound for when you launch an attack (no need for more than one sound, only one would be required), an indicator of your characters’ dropping health, and an indicator when your character gained a heroic attack to use.

    You might even use the text box method used in smugglers 4 tied to a hotkey to show elements such as health remaining, —- eg, the player presses a key (say e for energy), and a status box appears giving their health and that of the opponent.

    I think there would be considderable interest and enthusiasm about an rp stratogy game if one were announced, —- especially from all the people who perchiced copies of the smugglers games.

  6. Niklas Says:

    I would be happy if the game could get a compatibility mode for the blind. I am very interested in playing it. I like the smugglers games a lot. I think a game with real time elements like this is interesting and if it’s playable by the blind, I’ll definately buy it. I like this type of games. Maybe you could use free sounds for the tings that could help a blind person, too. But one thing is sure: If that happens, the game will be very popular in the blind community. Will this thing work as an expansion? I mean for example, if you implement it, could the compatibility mode be used only in the expansion, or in the game itself if the expansion is installed?

  7. dark Says:

    I believe if this new version of E&D were made accessible, there wouldn’t actually be need to change the old one, sinse as you said, all the maps will be included in the newer game, and obviously it would be far easier to include access measures from the start than to attempt to insert them into the interface of an already completed game.

    However, as I said, I do think an rpg/stratogy game would be very desired in the Vi gaming community, —- i for one have been wanting to play E&D ever sinse I first tried smugglers 3.

    I would be very happy to advertize on websites such as audiogames.net and several mailing lists connected with accessible gaming if you want an opinion of the games’ popularity before starting developement.

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