Smugglers 4 on Gamersgate

Smugglers 4 is now available through Gamersgate.


12 Responses to “Smugglers 4 on Gamersgate”

  1. vahadar Says:


    I have bought your charming game on gamersgate, but when i want to patch it with the patch i can download on your website, i have the following message :

    This program requires a security key. If you have one, select OK to enter it. After entering a valid key, you will not be prompted again.

    Obviously the version coming with gamersgate seem to have the key already (since no serial number given by gamersgate when i bought it)

    So my question is : is this patch compatible with gamersgate version? It seem not to be the case. Could you please ask gamersgate to update their version? They have the 1.1b while i would like to play the 1.1h 😉

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Niels Bauer Says:

    Yes, the patch is not compatible.

    Gamersgate should have the newest version. It could be though that I mistyped the version number or something else went wrong. Where did you got your version number from? Did you check it in the game on the credits screen at the left bottom?

  3. vahadar Says:

    No, i first opened the changes.txt file that was in the patch to read it, and then opened same file in my game folder from gamersgate to get the version number, which was 1.1b (well last entry was 1.1b maybe game was updated but changes.txt not updated). I did not knew i could see a version number in game.

    Also i have played quite extensively yesterday 😉 Achieved amiral rank, was given a planet (what are they used for by the way? i received Tortuga working for the Syndicate, that would be nice if we could get some discount on recruiting crews in those rewards planets)

    I also can not level anymore after receving a planet, is it normal by the way?

    Thanks in advance !

  4. vahadar Says:

    I confirm the ingame version (in the credit window) is 1.1i while the version mention in changes.txt is 1.1b (from my installation of the game 2 days ago)

  5. Niels Bauer Says:

    Hi there!

    Ah, so I forgot the newest changes.txt. Will do that.

    Receiving a planet is the final reward, yes (with the exception of winning the civil war of course).

  6. David Says:

    Any ideas to a new smugglers game? Always have been a fan of them

  7. Chris Says:

    I noticed when I finally purchased the largest buyable ship in the game, the combat graphic just looks like a darker version of the corvet. Was this intentional? Also when the leech gun is used and goes over 100% the shield bar goes blank. Finally, further in the game you can aquire skills like taunt ! and a more powerful version of !, but does using both combine or does it cancel the other out? maybe having a live combat stat window of evasion %, targeting % and so forth may help?

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      No, there should be different combat graphics of course. Can you make screenshots?

      I’ll look into the leech gun.

      The normal taunt and more powerful taunt do not combine.

      I am working on a combat log kind of thing so you can see exactly what influences what.

  8. Pedja Says:

    It is immposible to win the war (bug?). I have all the sistems (20) excluding capitals, and didn’t win the war.

  9. Niels Bauer Says:

    Hi Pedja,

    can you send me the corresponding savegame to ? I would need the .int and .str file of the savegame (like and savegame01.str).

    Best regards


  10. rick Says:

    i have the corvette mostly upgraded with the best of all upgrades, but i cannot find ” spy equipment” (upgrade) the game says buy it on a friendy planet, but i can’t find it anywhere!!!!!!!! please help me,

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