Bytten reviews TV Manager 2

Steven Blanch from reviewed TV Manager 2 (82 %).

“TVM2 is a playable, enjoyable and addictive simulation. The range of strategy available and the extent to which you can customise your game is especially interesting to me. It has some fairly good replay value thanks to the wide range of maps and scenarios as well as the trend for two games not to pan out in the exact same way, although personal trends seem to permeate through to all my networks over time even if I make a concious decision to try something new.”

He mentioned a couple of bugs, which I am going to fix immidiately. Luckily it´s still a beta!


6 Responses to “Bytten reviews TV Manager 2”

  1. gta3uzi Says:

    I come back after all of these years and you’ve taken the forums down! I do believe I see the true scope of my absence…

  2. joopjr Says:

    “He mentioned a couple of bugs, which I am going to fix immidiately. Luckily it´s still a beta!”

    When do we get those bug-fixes?

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      In about two weeks. I couldn´t confirm all of the bugs he mentioned though. They just don´t happenn when I test the game. Help much appreciated.

      No worries, I don´t forget TV Manager 2 while completing the new release I talked about earlier. I want to finish the beta and make the final release of TV Manager 2 until Christmas.

  3. Niels Bauer Says:

    Upcoming fix list:

    V. 1.3:
    – Live events are now correctly placed at 7pm.
    – Statistical problem solved where player revenue and expenses were not correctly displayed
    – Bug fixed when calculating available news, movies and ads. The articles should now change more correctly from game to game and month to month.
    – Bug fixed were on the smaller maps there were some ad contracts with 0 million audience (rounding error).
    – The price of the rights to the Northern region on the EU map is $400 million. It should be $4 billion.
    – The description for the movie “4 Weddings Plus A Funeral” was the same as the one for “Forrest Jump”.
    – The series “Love Diary” and “Unlucky Luke” had their 2nd seasons labeled as “SE1”.
    – Some other movie texts corrected.
    – Title didn´t include a & in the movie Rain White & 7 Giants.
    – Various other small bugs fixed.

    Did someone find any other bugs?

  4. Niels Bauer Says:

    Ha! I got the buggers! Fixed everything reported in the Bytten review and some more bugs. Also making a complete grammar correction of the movies, news and ads + viewer feedback texts. You can expect a major update in about 14 days.

    I am also adding some content updates.

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