TV Manager 2 released!

That´s it! We´re done. The final beta of TV Manager 2 is now available for sale.

In this addictive sequel to the original game TV Manager, you take charge of a small and nearly bankrupt TV station and lead it to glory as the world’s biggest TV network! Welcome to the world of showbusiness.

Effective immediately you can buy the final beta version of TV Manager 2 from, which has been tested throughly and offers all the features of the final version. It is very stable and has been tested on a wide range of systems. For all we know you can consider it to be “final”.

Please support us and buy this game.

It would also help us greatly if you would spread the word about this game. Whether you do so by forwarding this email to your friends, using social networks, posting on a web forum or by chatting at work – in all cases we rely on your support and your word of mouth advertising.

TV Manager 2 – now available at

Again here is a link to the video trailer:


46 Responses to “TV Manager 2 released!”

  1. woki Says:


  2. Forum Says:

    Where is the forum?

    No community sucks.

  3. coldshadow Says:

    just bought it, and gotta say, love it.

  4. joopjr Says:

    I just bought the default version and the expantion pack. It looks beatifull. I already have some sugestions/questions/bugs.

    1. Make it able to sort the movies from cheapest to most expensive.
    2. Make a advertisement fill all empty spots when double clicking it (in tv programm mode)
    3. Is is possible to edit the language files, so that we can translate it to or own language.
    4. How can i backup the movies before editing/adding things.
    5. Can you add an unlimited play option? Not the maximum of 240 turns.

    A. You can’t delete a program from multiple hours from the programm table.

    • joopjr Says:

      Two more questions:

      6. Why is the “Real Title” form filled with stars in the movie editor.
      7. How can i make a live broadcast movie/show/thing 😛 (like sport games)

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      @3: Not yet. Depending on the success I plan to include this.
      @4: The editors should just edit the files used for the custom scenarios. If you still want to backup you should do so manually with the Windows explorer.
      @5: 240 turns is huge. First I want to see how many people really regularly play 240 turns.
      @6: To avoid any trademark troubles. It´s a field that was mostly meant for myself when editing.

      Rest I’ll answer later.

  5. dark Says:


    Congratulations on getting this finished, I look forward to playing it. How complete is Vi compatibility mode for the game? —- I just remember it taking a while to get all the screens compatible in smugglers 4, and before I go and write news about the release on i’d very much like to know.

    Whether now or later, i look forward to playing this.

  6. Alex Says:

    Just finished playing TVM2 demo and it is really fun. I’m looking forward to buying the premium version this weekend. I few things I want to mention to you Niels:

    1. Bug – When I click “Pause” and float my mouse over the TV preview box or an audience member it begins to play and vice versa.
    2. Suggestion – A “sort” button for movies and advertisements similar to what was in TVM1 but maybe have “sort by: Rating, Price, Category”
    3. Typos – There are many typos in the English version, sometimes funny sometimes annoying.

    Everything else is great. I love how you improved on the core mechanics of TVM1 and also added the competition networks. Keeps me on my toes. I dont know how I feel about the “waiting to the end turn” to add advertisements or shows while the schedule is playing. If the game is to mimic realism, then off-the-cuff programming is sometimes needed.

    Like I said earlier, I’m definitely going to buy this game. I know your dedication to improving your games and I know if I buy a game from you that you’ll make sure everything is perfect for the gamer. Thanks Niels!

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      (I’ll answer the other questions asap)

      1. It´s not really a bug, rather a design flaw (is this worse or better? 🙂 ). I thought it to be good if you move your mouse over the TV or audience and the info pop up appears that the game is paused. Likewise if you move away it automatically continues to play. But you are right. If someone FIRST clicks on pause, he does not necessarily want to continue the movie when moving away. I am going to change this asap.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      @2: Ok, let´s see what I can come up with.
      @3: As expected. I am no native speaker and the one I had at hand only had time to look over a part of the game. If you wouldn´t mind just send me what you find and I correct it.

  7. Feras Says:

    Check out the demo.

    Some bugs I’ve seen –

    1) I agree with Alex – “Bug – When I click “Pause” and float my mouse over the TV preview box or an audience member it begins to play and vice versa.” – this is likely a bug that needs to be fixed ASAP

    2) When you fast forward by pressing the “play” button, and then press pause to pause the game, there is no way to slow down the game back to normal mode. The rest of the day fast forwards?

    3) I’m also not a huge fan of the “end turn” feature. I loved the original aspect of editing ads if you get more viewers than you expected and vice versa.

    4) I don’t like how it doesn’t tell you the real time number of viewers watching a program. I would have loved it if it gives us the actual viewers and not averaged number throughout the entire program. It would be great to see a program grow from its lead-in or diminish its viewership depending on its lead-in or lead-out program.

    5) Why when I go to buy a movie I see a series for season 3, for example, when I never bought seasons 1 and 2? Shouldn’t it go in order and then I could go on and buy season 2 if I want to, etc?

    6) When you go to the “manage tv programs” screen, there is a yellow text on top that doesn’t blend in well with the brown background.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      6. This happened when I included the blind compatibility mode in the last days. It´s meant to be displayed only in this mode. I am preparing a fix for this for today or tomorrow latest. Right now you can start and then stop the blind compatibility mode from the start menu in order to fix this.

      • Niels Bauer Says:

        1. Fixed in 1.1. now.
        2. Fixed in 1.1. now. Normally if you lift the mouse button it should automatically go to normal mode.
        3. Well, some asked for a not real-time planning phase. I guess I cannot make it right for everyone. 😦
        4. I found it confusing and people would have asked me why they didn´t fulfilled the contract, although it did had X+ viewers at X-seconds. I thought it´s a straight forward display to show how much viewers you got for this specific hour.
        5. Yes/No. It´s happening by design, because there is no fixed timeline in this game.
        6. Fixed now in 1.1.

  8. Feras Says:

    Another bug –

    When looking to buy ads, all of them say you will earn $34 million, but when they are in the “manage tv program” screen, it gives the real price.

  9. Feras Says:

    Another bug – ads don’t have descriptions when you are selecting them. I was just ran a program with 10 million viewers and the ad called for 10 million viewers and it turned red saying that it doesn’t have enough viewers to get an impression, but I didn’t know what demographic it is looking for because all the ads talk about “the adventures of Roger Bunny” or something like that rather than the ad description.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      True. Going to fix this. I think this happened when I included the blind compatibility mode in the last days prior to the release (due to whatever reason). Fixed in 1.1. now.

  10. joopjr Says:

    Is it possible to view the number of viewers from the last time a series was broadcasted? Then we can plan or commercials better.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Hmmm. I could include that. However part of the game is to keep track of the success of your TV program by watching the program unfold while broadcasting. Adding this feature would encourage the players to just go right to the summary screen.

  11. joopjr Says:

    Some more bugs/questions:

    1. How can i play with my own movies/news etc, i edited it with the editor but i don’t see any changes ingame.
    2. Alle newly created movies have 2 stars and i can’t change that.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      (I’ll answer the other questions asap)

      1. You have to play a custom scenario (The editors only change the custom movies etc. files)
      2. You have to adjust the ratings (Action, Romance, etc.) of the movies. Depending on the right combinations of ratings the star rating will go up.

      • joopjr Says:

        It doesn’t work, i changed the name of a Add but ingame there is nog change when playing a custom scenario.

        About the stars, there are always 2 stars behind the text (**) but the amount of stars is actually changing.. Maybe change those stars (*) also?

      • Niels Bauer Says:

        I’ll look into this.

        I don´t understand what you mean with the ** though.

      • joopjr Says:

        I will show it, the following program has 5 stars, like the text. But there are 2 stars like these: **.

        Five-stars (*****)

      • Niels Bauer Says:


  12. joopjr Says:

    I found another bug:

    If you broadcast a live event you can still change the time by clicking on the second/third colom it will move down on the list. By dragging the first colum up you can broadcast it early.

  13. joopjr Says:

    More sugestions/bugs:

    1. Put in the manual that blue videotape are series and black videotape is a movie.
    2. Make it so that if you fail to broadcast the add you must pay a penaly to the ad company (like 25% of the profit from the ad)
    3. Make it possible to see the audience tv station popularity in the “audience populariy” screen (in the statics menu)
    4. Clean up the main menu by moving the “Turn music & SFX off” to a “Option menu” and seperate music/SFX. Also move the “Continue a game” to the option menu and rename it to load a game. Also the Blind compatibility button can be moved there.
    5. Please, Please, clean up the tv manager folder. All files are in one folder, create folders like art, sounds. Then we don’t need to scroll all the way down to open the editor.

    1. Look at the date 🙂
    2. If you end your turn the game will start at 2 PM, the program table starts at 3 PM.

    This is it for this time 🙂

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      1. Yes
      2. I don´t think this is necessary. If you are not able to fulfill an ad contract the penalty of not getting paid for the completed views is already very harsh (your competition won´t make this mistake!)
      3. You mean for each specific territory?
      4. I don´t think I need another sub-menu, when I don´t have more options than those.
      5. Never! I love this mess. It looks like my office. No, just kidding. You should not have to browse through it though. In the premium edition you can start the editors from the Windows start panel. I have to check if the expansion pack also creates those (it should!).

      @1: The date on the TV program table doesn´t get updated? Will fix this asap.
      @2: Yes, should state 2 pm – 11pm.

  14. Baelthazar Says:

    I booted up the demo today, and I like what I see! I had a quick question, is the game size stuck at the box in the middle, or can I expand past those black bars if I have a 1440×900 resolution?

  15. coldshadow Says:

    ok, i’ve bought it, but I seem to have issues with trying to drag things around, while in blind compatability mode. the moves and stuff I can move fine, its when I get to the news that I’m having trouble, I can find all the news stories to, but I don’t know where they’re supposed to be dragged to, in order to load the news in to be added into the programming for the day.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Ok. Maybe I forgot to add a text tag to the empty fields. I am going to do this asap. Until then: The empty fields are just on the left part of the screen (three slots) at about the same height as the news stories on the right.

  16. Tomcat Says:

    Great game, but am getting an error message when trying to save.

    To replicate –
    1. Save a game, then close TV Manager.
    2. Reopen and load previously saved game.
    3. Choose to save the game again – “Cannot make a visible window modal” pop up error message appears.

    Also, like joopjr am unable to see my custom movies when playing a custom scenario (Standard edition with expansion pack and booster cards).

  17. dark Says:

    Hmmm, interesting, I was going to report the lack of text labled slots in the news menue, — -but someones’ lready beat me to it ;D.

    Eitherway, I’ve now reported the release on the news, so more Vi people should be trying the game now.

    Interestingly enough, I did have to look up the shortkuts for dragging&dropping with Hal, but once I did that seemed to work fine.

    the main issue I’m finding currently is a weerdness in text labeling with missing the first few letters of names in the movies list, and a couple in the main menue once the blind compatibility mode has been activated such as eretory instead of teretory.

    This might be just because the game is auto activating the tutorial though.

    Also, I wonder have all the areas in the broardcasting screen been labled? the manual implies you can look at what percentage of each audience type are watching each program for yourself and your rivals, but though i see a rep meater and time counter, I haven’t found any reference to this as yet.

    If you need to check any of this, you can download a 30 day demo of hal from

    Looking forward to trying more of this, it rather reminds me of the ccg games my brother plays.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Broadcasting / office screen: In the blind compatibility mode you can click on the TV screen and the audience pictures to cause a popup window to open up slightly above those pictures. They should be readable by your screen reader and show this information. To close them you can click on the pictures again (however they do not hide any other important information).

  18. dark Says:

    Hmmm, do those audience pictures have lables? perhaps this was why I missed them.

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