TV Manager 2 release date

We are very happy to announce the upcoming release of TV Manager 2.

At the 2nd April we are going to start selling a final beta version of TV Manager 2, which has been tested throughly and offers all the features of the final version. It is very stable and has been tested on a wide range of systems. For all we know you can consider it to be “final”. Still we want to continue to include customer suggestions and fix any problems that might appear within the next weeks, so we decided to still call it a “beta”. Of course you will receive all updates free of charge.

Today you can already watch a video trailer on YouTube here:


(Direct Link:

It would be great if you could help spreading the word about this game. Whether you do so by emailing your friends, using social networks, posting on a web forum or by chatting at work – in all cases we rely on your support and your word of mouth advertising.


7 Responses to “TV Manager 2 release date”

  1. wier10 Says:

    this game looks awsome. period. finally,i’ve been waiting since 2002!

  2. Barney Says:

    Great news! The long wait is almost over and judging the trailer it was worth the wait! I’ll spread the word!



  3. matthew Says:

    very cool action

  4. Douglas José Coelho Says:

    Olá, sou do Brasil e gostei muito deste jogo, será que vc não poderia fazer uma versão em português?
    Seria maravilhoso

  5. Alex Says:

    AWESOME! Niels I can really tell you put alot of work into this and it looks great. I still play TV Manager 1 for 4-5 hours into the night. So addicting! I hope this new one is just as good, cant wait to buy it!

  6. coldshadow Says:

    awesome, I’m ready for it to be released.

  7. Niels Bauer Says:

    I am right now preparing everything for a release TODAY.

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