News about TV Manager 2

I am truly sorry for the lack of news in the recent weeks. Obviously there has been a major delay in the release of the game (which is why one should never ever give out any release date, but most times one just cannot resist to do otherwise). I don´t wish to bore you with the details, but my private life circumstances changed dramatically and on top of that there are technical problems with the online part of the game. At this point I am not satisfied with the online performance of the game and I am seriously thinking about releasing it as a stand-alone offline single-player game. Some of the online features could be implemented later, but it is important to me that the GAME runs smoothly and perfectly from the start.

The good news is that the game itself was and is almost finished. Tweaking it to be a stand-alone game, writing the manual and further polishing it will take more time though. I will keep you up to date and work as fast as I can.

But … if I may … the game is lightyears ahead of the old TV Manager. In the end you will be glad for the additional work put into polishing the game. I believe that this is what indie game development is about: To add good ideas, remove some that didn´t work out and give the project the time it needs.


4 Responses to “News about TV Manager 2”

  1. amit Says:

    great to hear that!

    ive een eagerly waiting for it.

    keep us posted!

  2. Vonder Says:

    Great news Neil! Hope you’re doing ok and your private life change is not serious. Take the time you need to finish the game, we’ll be waiting.

    Regards from Argentina!

  3. dark Says:


    sorry to here about your circumstances, but it’s good to know things are on track. As I said, I was a litle concerned about the competative aspect of online play, —- and while I hoped you’d be able to keep things balanced, I will say I’m not as sorry to here about this being single player as i could be.

    It’ll be nice just to have a strategic and deep game to play, particularly as single player offerings of this genre accessible to Visually impared players are very rare indeed.

  4. Barney Says:

    Hi Niels,

    I’m sorry to hear about the circumstances in your private life, I hope that it get’s resolved soon. As for the game, we will be waiting. No rush!

    Wishing you well,


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