Some ideas about player clans/guilds

While being a single-player game (at least at the start) I have plans to include clan/guild support (in-game chat, in-game clan management) and competitions. With the game being completely client/server based and including a complete game log, there will be no room for cheat programs. This makes it an ideal playground for leagues and tournaments. If someone remembers the old tournament version of Smugglers 1 you might know that this idea always fascinated me.

Every month there will be a league/tournament scenario. Some might include some differences to the standard game scenarios to require the participants to develop new strategies. Only players in a clan will be able to play this scenario and a clan will require at least 2 and max. of 20 (?) people. The clan of the highest ranked participant will receive a reward at the end of the month. I put up for discussion what this reward might be. My idea were some advantage booster cards for every clan member.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Besides: The development progress is good, although it obviously won´t make it ’till Christmas. The current release schedule is targeting mid-/end of January.

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7 Responses to “Some ideas about player clans/guilds”

  1. Maleficious Says:

    I like the idea! I can´t wait!

  2. dark Says:


    i certainly like the idea of earning extras through playing, and having various scenarios and tournament like perspectives to play through each month, — -that will certainly go a long way to extending the replayability of the game (and already S3, S4 and I suspect all your other games are highly replayable anyway).

    I do however have a miner concern.

    one consequence of using a screen reader is that I’ve tried literally hundreds of online brouser based text rpg games. The extremely vast majority of them devolve into grinding a set of stats with repeating actions, until they are large eough to not be beaten by someone else’s stats in pvp,
    (whether these stats represent a single rpg character, a company, a civilization or a fighting robot is just really window dressing), i admit I’m therefore slightly wary of introducing pvp into an extensive single player game (I’ve seen many a good online game ruined when pvp was introduced).

    while Admittedly, Tv manager will have optional pvp, with replayable scenarios having rewards which then improve chances in future pvp tournaments, —- ie, boosters, might create a situation in which one or two clans get all the goodies and use them to destroy everyone else and remain on top of things, —- thus making it not worth others’ while to compete.

    thus, either the boosters would have to be unusable in monthly tournaments (not a good idea sinse obviously players will want to use them), or there will have to be a number of divisions for each tournament with prizes for the winners of each division, —- so that new clans may have a chance to build up power.

    Alternatively, rather than offering tournament prizeswhich imrpove game play, you could offer tournament prizes which exist simply as rewards such as trophy pieces of artwork or music which winning clan members would get, —- and places on various score boards.

    Appologies if I seem pessimistic about this, as I said, the idea of monthly content to play through sounds fantastic, —- even to someone like me who’s not a pvp fan, i’ve just seen too many potentially interesting games turn into pvp fests where experienced players constantly bash the newbies (and that goes for games with tournaments too), to want to see it happen again here.

    glad to here testing is going well though, i’ll be certainly looking forward to trying the game for myself.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      I have not yet decided completely about how booster cards will be given out, but you will either get a couple of them for free as long as you are subscribed to the game or they might be available through inexpensive microtransactions too. While they are designed for an advantage, the idea of the game is to strategically combine different cards. So while it might be easy to acquire some cards, the point will be to develop a unique deck building strategy.

      BUT NO PANIC! This is just something ON TOP of the normal game that is meant to add a new dimension for long-term playing. The “normal” game does not depend on those cards at all.

      The PVP part (if you want to call it that way) is really just a run for the highest score and not directly against other players. So I don´t see any way how this could result in newbie bashing.

  3. dark Says:

    Fair enough. i just recall the case of an online brouser based game I tested once, which had a quite interesting single player mode, —- then the admins introduced tournaments, and the entire focus of the game changed. the single player mode was basically used to promote and provide extras for tournament play, and the tournaments themselves did basically turn into competitions betwene the top 8 or 9 players who just had too many extras to be beaten by anyone else.

    that is my concern.

    If however cards will be made available through other means so that even starting players may earn them that would solve the problem very well, —- especially if they could be earned in single player mode, —- maybe as prizes for winning the game with certain scores, or as lottery prizes etc.

    Certainly though I’m glad these sorts of questions are being thought about now, that will hopefully stop the pvp doom i’m worried about, which i’ve seen overtake too many games.

  4. Niels Bauer Says:

    (I might have accidently deleted a comment, please rewrite)

  5. Xpress Says:

    Any more updates on when TV Manager 2 will be released?

  6. Mike Says:

    What ever happened to this game? I thought it would be released around Christmas last year?

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