New screenshots

New screenshots for TV Manager 2!

Below you find a couple of new screenshots for TV Manager 2. Click on them to enlarge.

This weekend we will start the first phase of the closed betatest, which will consist of server/client network & stability testing. Shortly we will be able to start with gameplay testing. The release of the game is close… 🙂

TV Manager 2 - Log in screen


TV Manager 2 - Start screen


TV Manager 2 -Chat screen


TV Manager 2 - Buy new movies...



4 Responses to “New screenshots”

  1. Barney Says:

    This looks great! Very nice art work!

  2. amit Says:

    looks nice!


  3. joopjr Says:

    The dragon is cute!! Is there also a multiplayer game? (because of the chat). Are you also give it to some publisher (like you did whit tv manager 1 and eGames) so that it will appear in stores?

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      I don´t intent to sell it in stores. There are too many middlemen in the retail market.

      At the time of release the game will not yet include a multiplayer mode, however you will be able to join clans and try to achieve the top highscore as a team. You will also be able to trade advantage booster cards, which will modify the game experience.

      If the game is successful I plan to include a multiplayer mode later.

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