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Some ideas about player clans/guilds

December 22, 2009

While being a single-player game (at least at the start) I have plans to include clan/guild support (in-game chat, in-game clan management) and competitions. With the game being completely client/server based and including a complete game log, there will be no room for cheat programs. This makes it an ideal playground for leagues and tournaments. If someone remembers the old tournament version of Smugglers 1 you might know that this idea always fascinated me.

Every month there will be a league/tournament scenario. Some might include some differences to the standard game scenarios to require the participants to develop new strategies. Only players in a clan will be able to play this scenario and a clan will require at least 2 and max. of 20 (?) people. The clan of the highest ranked participant will receive a reward at the end of the month. I put up for discussion what this reward might be. My idea were some advantage booster cards for every clan member.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Besides: The development progress is good, although it obviously won´t make it ’till Christmas. The current release schedule is targeting mid-/end of January.

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Betatest phase 1 finished!

December 9, 2009

Last sunday we tested the network stability of  TV Manager 2 in a small group of people. There were some minor issues, but considering this is the first online game – at least for me (Niels) and I do all the coding – it was very stable. In this case programming is very much the same like war. In war a good plan never survives first contact, but luckily this time it did.

This week the musician and SFX artist (Nathan Madsen) finished the music & sound effects too. He really did an awesome job (which I hope to be able to show you soon).

Next phase would be testing the actual game.

New screenshots

December 3, 2009

New screenshots for TV Manager 2!

Below you find a couple of new screenshots for TV Manager 2. Click on them to enlarge.

This weekend we will start the first phase of the closed betatest, which will consist of server/client network & stability testing. Shortly we will be able to start with gameplay testing. The release of the game is close… 🙂

TV Manager 2 - Log in screen


TV Manager 2 - Start screen


TV Manager 2 -Chat screen


TV Manager 2 - Buy new movies...