TV Manager 2 – What is it about?

We´ve started the development of TV Manager 2 – a turn-based strategy game where you take charge of a TV station. During the following months we’ll keep you up to date with news about the game. This post has been edited, completely revised and updated on 29th October 2009. Please note that the information & features contained herein might be subject to change until the final release.

What´s it about?

Take charge of a nearly bankrupt TV station and  make it become the largest network in the country. Meet other players online, watch highscores, play in leagues and clans as well as trade those awesome epic movies.

Anyone should be able to achieve success with skill and hard work – the American dream. Live this dream by taking charge of a small and nearly bankrupt TV station and leading it to glory as the world’s biggest TV network! In the game you compete against up to four strong computer controlled TV networks. You place movies, advertisements and news in your daily programme and try to get more viewers than your competitors. The available broadcasting ranges from cartoons to action movies and even live broadcasting of major sport or cultural events.

Welcome to the world of showbusiness!

What´s new?

The following feature list is subject to change.

  • It´s an addictive client/server based online game, that features online highscore lists, leagues, clan management and online chat.
  • Turn-based gameplay
  • Different scenarios
  • Computer-controlled competitors
  • Hire the “mob” to sabotage your competitors network
  • Buy/sell stocks to silently take over your competition
  • Collect & trade so called “epic movies” that give a special bonus if broadcasted
  • Strategically put together a “deck” of “epic movies” to gain an advantage in gameplay.
  • Movie & ads titles are not created randomly anymore, but are modified titles of real movies. You can also edit all movie titles yourself.
  • New fully colored (and slightly mad) artwork
  • Play on a USA or Europe (EU) map. More countries to be added later.

Pending features (maybe not in the first release, but to be added shortly afterwards):

  • Create your own movies

Any new artwork / screenshots?

When will it be released?

We´re planning for Christmas 2009, but no promises yet!

Will there be the possibility to pre-order?

It´s not finally decided, but it´s possible that you will be able to get into the betatest by pre-ordering.

How can I support you?

Please purchase our games. If you´ve already purchased all of them, please buy another as a gift for someone. 🙂 And if you´ve already did that you could spread the word about our games. Spreading the word is a very valuable support. You can find a complete list of our games at

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8 Responses to “TV Manager 2 – What is it about?”

  1. Gary Says:

    I cannot wait!

  2. joopjr Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this! I really like to play on a Europa map!! Can we also edit the statics from the movies (like length, minimum and maximum viewers, public type etc?)

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Quote: I’m really looking forward to this! I really like to play on a Europa map!! Can we also edit the statics from the movies (like length, minimum and maximum viewers, public type etc?)

      Unfortunately you can only change the movie title and maybe description. The reason is that this is an online game and the data except titles and descriptions is kept on the server. It would also make it impossible for everyone to play under the same circumstances for entrance into the highscore table.

  3. dark Says:


    Sounds interesting.

    Any news on possible Vi access or lack there of?

    Sinse the game will be turn based, it should just take some labeling to work.

    While I understand unique artwork is a part of the game’s appeal, —- which obviously will not make too much difference to most visually impared gamers, mangled film title jokes are likely to appeal to anyone, —- and I rather like the idea of having the mob do in rivals!

    I admit, i haven’t yet tried the original Tv manager game, so can’t speak for the interface there, —- though given what you say about the understandably large amount of interface upgrades which the new game will have, the accessibility or not of the original Tv manager probably won’t make too much difference.

    I will say that while I haven’t been as eagerly anticipating this game as I was smugglers 4, —- or indeed as I would be if an accessible sequel to Empires and dungeons was in the offing, —- reading more about the game has changed my thoughts n this one, —– and I’m now hoping it’s accessible.

    Please contact me on the address [deleted by admin] if needed.

    all the best,


    [I have deleted the email address to protect you from spam bots – the admin]

  4. Dark Says:

    Fantastic news!

    I’ll write up some appropriate news for to let people know about this one with Christmas coming up.

    A lot of Vi players have expressed desire for a stratogy game with online elements which offers more than can be done in the standard brouser game, —- so I expect people will be pretty pleased about this.

    I’ll look forward to testing and playing the game.

    All the best,


  5. fd Says:


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