New blog founded!

We have founded a new blog. It will replace the old forum, which we had now since late 2003. Why would we abandon a forum with 12147 articles and 627 registered users? First the amount of spam we received could not be managed and second many people did not comment on the old forum, because you had to register. In this new blog we have no spam and everyone can post a comment without registering.

I am sure you will like this blog and fill it with the life, inspiration and suggestions that made the old forum so special for me.

You can post comments without having to register anywhere!


10 Responses to “New blog founded!”

  1. Gary Says:

    Hey, I like it. I always was to lazy to register.

  2. joopjr Says:

    I liked the old forum.

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Me too. But take a look at how many people already posted in the last couple of days. Registering was a major issue. Now you can just come and post your opinion. I think that´s worth it. Plus this forum is spam free!

  3. Barney Says:

    I liked the old forum too, but I never took the time to register. And even when you do you never seem to remember your password, unless you always use the same one (not recommanded).

    I like it the easy (or lazy) way.

  4. Ex-customer Says:

    I think thids is a very bad idea. Where’s the forum archive, btw?

  5. Jeb Says:

    Great idea, Niels. I never registered on the forums. Because a lot of us didn’t want to go through the hassle of registering, the TV Manager forum looked like it was dead. I am happy to see that this blog is alive and has sparked good conversations and suggestions for the game. This is definitely much better.

  6. LuckyJack Says:

    Hi Niels,

    Great idea. I’m curious, what prevents the spammers from posting on the blog?

    • Niels Bauer Says:

      Hey LuckyJack! Great to see you again around here. If you want to help out testing just drop me an email!
      [LuckyJack was a moderator of the old forum and helped me testing my last games]

      WordPress seems to have a really rock solid spam filter in place.

  7. Zack Says:

    Hello Mr. Bauer. I just discovered your Gem Smugglers 4! I am enjoying the hell out of it. Thanks for creating it!

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