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Get into the TV Manager 2 beta (#1 competition)

October 30, 2009

In our newest upcoming game TV Manager 2, you take charge of a small and nearly bankrupt TV station and lead it to glory as the world’s biggest TV network! With the development of TV Manager 2 coming to an end, we are in need of beta testers.

To celebrate the new blog, we are running a small competition. In order to grab one of the few open positions for beta testing, all you have to do is to post two of your favorite movies or series, which you would like to appear in TV Manager 2. To post just click on “leave comment” at the bottom of this post. From all comments we will randomly choose one winner. The competition runs until Monday 9th November.

Should you not be chosen in this competition you can also get access to the beta test by regularly make posts and suggestions in this blog. We hand-pick the authors of the most frequent and helpful posts.

What is a beta test? Well, at the appropriate time between November and December we will give you access to an almost completed copy of the game for free. All you have to do is to play the game and report us any bugs or problems you encounter. Because TV Manager 2 is an online game you will not be able to use this copy of the game after the beta test. Depending on the amount and helpfulness of your feedback you might get a free copy of the full version.

Terms and conditions: We reserve the right to deny you or cancel your access to the beta test at any time and with any or without any reason or notice. If you decide to enter the beta test additional terms and conditions might apply, about which you will be informed before. The law of the European Union and Germany applies and court of justice is Freiburg in Germany.

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TV Manager 2 – What is it about?

October 29, 2009

We´ve started the development of TV Manager 2 – a turn-based strategy game where you take charge of a TV station. During the following months we’ll keep you up to date with news about the game. This post has been edited, completely revised and updated on 29th October 2009. Please note that the information & features contained herein might be subject to change until the final release.

What´s it about?

Take charge of a nearly bankrupt TV station and  make it become the largest network in the country. Meet other players online, watch highscores, play in leagues and clans as well as trade those awesome epic movies.

Anyone should be able to achieve success with skill and hard work – the American dream. Live this dream by taking charge of a small and nearly bankrupt TV station and leading it to glory as the world’s biggest TV network! In the game you compete against up to four strong computer controlled TV networks. You place movies, advertisements and news in your daily programme and try to get more viewers than your competitors. The available broadcasting ranges from cartoons to action movies and even live broadcasting of major sport or cultural events.

Welcome to the world of showbusiness!

What´s new?

The following feature list is subject to change.

  • It´s an addictive client/server based online game, that features online highscore lists, leagues, clan management and online chat.
  • Turn-based gameplay
  • Different scenarios
  • Computer-controlled competitors
  • Hire the “mob” to sabotage your competitors network
  • Buy/sell stocks to silently take over your competition
  • Collect & trade so called “epic movies” that give a special bonus if broadcasted
  • Strategically put together a “deck” of “epic movies” to gain an advantage in gameplay.
  • Movie & ads titles are not created randomly anymore, but are modified titles of real movies. You can also edit all movie titles yourself.
  • New fully colored (and slightly mad) artwork
  • Play on a USA or Europe (EU) map. More countries to be added later.

Pending features (maybe not in the first release, but to be added shortly afterwards):

  • Create your own movies

Any new artwork / screenshots?

When will it be released?

We´re planning for Christmas 2009, but no promises yet!

Will there be the possibility to pre-order?

It´s not finally decided, but it´s possible that you will be able to get into the betatest by pre-ordering.

How can I support you?

Please purchase our games. If you´ve already purchased all of them, please buy another as a gift for someone. 🙂 And if you´ve already did that you could spread the word about our games. Spreading the word is a very valuable support. You can find a complete list of our games at

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New blog founded!

October 29, 2009

We have founded a new blog. It will replace the old forum, which we had now since late 2003. Why would we abandon a forum with 12147 articles and 627 registered users? First the amount of spam we received could not be managed and second many people did not comment on the old forum, because you had to register. In this new blog we have no spam and everyone can post a comment without registering.

I am sure you will like this blog and fill it with the life, inspiration and suggestions that made the old forum so special for me.

You can post comments without having to register anywhere!